Their best intentions to complete holiday shopping early, many customers Wind up waiting until the final minute: One in five individuals expect they Won’t complete their holiday shopping until the week before Christmas or even.

The present card, the funniest last-minute present, has been a popular option among both givers and recipients.

A poll conducted by Deloitte & Touche found that 80 percent of adults received a Minumum of One gift card This past Year, with many averaging 3.2 gift cards Throughout the vacation season. Furthermore, a Vast Majority of customers Indicated at a 2004 National Retail Federation vacation poll that they Would love to get gift cards for the holiday season.

Entertainment, especially films and games, is one place where gift-givers are unlikely to go wrong.

This season, Blockbuster is offering many holiday-themed gift cards in its 4,500 places across the U.S. Seasonal cards comprise $25 and $15 gift cards, perfect for last-minute presents for your baby sitter or a co-worker, even though a five-pack of $5 cards allow you stock up on stocking stuffers or fast presents for children. You are also able to select your number on gift cards using seasonal layouts, like snowflakes and gift boxes.

Furthermore, most Blockbuster gift cards arrive with their carriers, allowing you to address them for your nearest and dearest rather than being required to get a greeting card.

Its large stock of film rentals, new DVDs and popular video games, The business is a blessing to last-minute shoppers searching for gifts For many individuals in their listing. Blockbuster shops are available every day of this year, such as Christmas – NU.