January’s retail sales advantage is reflected in people redeeming their Christmas gift cards. Gift cards are more popular, and this moves spending into January. Consumers may also be interested in getting gift cards at other times that only at Christmas.

80 percent of adults received a Minumum of One gift card into an apparel or food shop

  • 14% received a single gift card into a mall or shopping center
  • 10% received a gift card which could be used in an Assortment of shops (e.g., an American Express gift card)
  • 5 percent obtained at least for a private service like a massage or manicure
  • 5 percent obtained at least one gift card to get an Online website (e.g., eBay, Amazon)
  • Price ranges for gift cards ranged from $78 for the American Express card, while the smallest was to get a 32 restaurant card. Bank gift cards are more likely to be utilized in January. Almost 74 percent of those gift cards are redeemed or partly redeemed by the end of January.Individuals were more likely to purchase complete price retail things using their gift cards. Many analysts consider the”present” aspect makes it possible for consumers to deal with themselves into brand new full-priced merchandise. Retailers also benefit when customers receive a gift card, almost 62 percent spend over the face value of the card. This is a chance for retailers to increase earnings, as earnings can’t be reported before the gift card is redeemed. Consumers also expressed an interest in getting gift cards for other holidays. By way of instance, a gift card to get an”adventure” is widely received as a consequence of individuals being time-pressed. Obtaining a gift card for a visit to your massage or restaurant or perhaps a weekend escape appears to be a fashion people are appreciating.  Teens love gift cards as they’re more keen to keep with their friends and are far more inclined to redeem their cards faster than adults. The poll revealed adolescents redeemed 76 percent of the gift cards vs. 61 percent of adults. Gift cards continue giving, following the holidays, particularly for retailers. Gift cards are here in order to remain. Gift cards are a proper gift for all occasions.